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20+ Full-Time RV Living Essentials

Whether you’re a seasoned full-time RVer or a newbie hitting the road, having the right gear can make RV life more comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable. In this curated collection, we’re breaking away from the ordinary RV packing lists. Instead, we’ve compiled a list of 20+ must-have items specifically tailored to enhance your full-time RV living experience. From helpful RV accessories to outdoor essentials and indoor comforts, here are the items that will help you make the most of your home on the road.

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Helpful RV Accessories

X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer

The X-Chock Stabilizer is a game-changer for RVers. It effectively reduces sway and movement, providing stability when parked. I’m a little ashamed to say it took us nearly three years to add this to our RV setup. We immediately noticed how much the x-chocks helped with side-to-side motion once we gave them a shot. Do yourself a favor and don’t wait to get this accessory as we did!

Max X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer between two RV tires

Tripod Stabilizer

If you have a fifth wheel, a tripod stabilizer is a must-have. It offers extra support to the front end of your RV, minimizing any rocking or swaying caused by uneven terrain or gusty winds. We typically use ours if we plan to camp in one spot for a week or more.

Tripod Stabilizer

Snap Pads

Snap Pads are a game-changer for leveling and stabilizing your RV. No more hunting for wooden blocks or hassling with manual leveling. These durable, snap-on pads attach to your RV’s landing gear and stabilize it on virtually any surface. We’ve camped on grass, gravel, sandy dirt, pavement, and more without any issues thanks to our Snap Pads!


Snap Pads come in several shapes and sizes and fit a variety of rig types including fifth wheels, travel trailers, motorhomes, and even truck campers! Check to make sure you get the right size for your rig before purchasing them.

RV Lock

Modernize your RV’s security with an RVLock. This keyless entry system not only adds convenience but also enhances safety. You’ll never have to worry about misplaced keys again! We love that we can take a walk around the campground or head out on a bike ride without having our keys jangling around in our pockets.

RV Lock

Learn more about our RV Security System here.

Hitch Locks

Safeguard your trailer hitch with a reliable hitch lock. It’s a crucial deterrent against theft, giving you peace of mind when leaving your RV unattended. Hitch locks come in various designs, including kingpin locks and coupler locks depending on what type of towable RV you have.

Trailer Aid

Blowouts are an RVer’s worst nightmare but changing a flat tire or performing maintenance on your RV has never been easier than with a Trailer Aid. This ingeniously designed ramp allows you to lift one wheel off the ground at a time, making tire changes quick and hassle-free. It’s an essential tool for any RV owner.

Bonus Item – Tire Pressure Monitor System: A TMPS is a vital addition to your full-time RV living toolkit. It’s like having a guardian angel for your RV’s tires. The system constantly monitors the air pressure and temperature of each tire, providing you with real-time data and alerts (and peace of mind) while driving.

Air Compressor

Proper tire pressure is essential for safe and fuel-efficient travel. Being able to adjust the air in the tires on the fly without hunting down a gas station is so important especially when you’re visiting remote areas. An air compressor is compact, portable, and easy to throw into your truck or tow vehicle so you’ll have it handy when you need it.


A reliable generator is a lifeline when you’re off the grid. It provides the power needed to run your appliances and charge your devices, allowing you to enjoy all the comforts of home while boondocking or during power outages.

Fifthwheel Onan Cummins Generator

Our fifth wheel came equipped with an onboard generator, a Cummins Onan QG 5500. It’s gotten a lot of use between dry camping and being parked out on our property. During the freak Texas snowstorm in 2021, we experienced rolling power outages and the generator was key in allowing us to use appliances and keep warm with an electric blanket.

If you don’t already have a generator, there are several great options – look for one that suits your RV’s power needs.

Water Filtration System

Clean and safe drinking water is essential and you never know what the water quality will be like when you’re traveling! A dual water filtration system ensures that the water flowing into your RV is free from contaminants and impurities. It’s a small investment that makes all the difference in your health and well-being while traveling. Plus, you’ll always have great-tasting water, no matter the source!


Check out our post about the different types of Water Filtration Systems for RVs to find which one is right for you!

Propane Tank Monitor

Keep a close eye on your propane levels with a propane tank monitor. It provides real-time data on your propane usage, so you’ll never unexpectedly run out of fuel for cooking, heating, or other essential RV systems.

Foldable Ladder

A telescoping ladder is a versatile tool for RVers. Its foldable design makes it easy to store and transport, and it can be configured into various shapes, allowing you to reach high areas along your RV, inspect and clean your roof, or access hard-to-reach spots with confidence.

Little Giant Ladder

Outdoor RV Items

Outdoor RV Rug/Mat

Elevate your outdoor living space with an RV camping rug. It defines your campsite, providing a clean and comfortable area for relaxation and socializing. There are many different designs so you can find one to match your style. Plus, it helps keep dirt and debris out of your RV!

Fifth wheel parked under palm trees with checkered black and white mat setup and camp chairs.

Camping Chairs

Comfortable and lightweight camping chairs are essential for outdoor lounging. Our personal favorites are the hammock-style chairs you can rock in, but zero gravity chairs, big padded chairs, or GCI rocking chairs are also popular choices for RVers. After a day of adventure, a good chair will help you relax and unwind by the campfire.

Hammock Chairs

Folding Camp Table

Extra table space is always a welcome addition to our campsite. A folding camp table provides a sturdy and convenient surface for food preparation, dining, working, or setting up outdoor games and activities.

Picnic Table Covers

Jazz up your campsite with a picnic table cover. It not only provides you with a clean surface but also adds a touch of comfort and style to your outdoor dining area.

Picnic table covered in red and white check table cloth. Food being prepared on the table.

We have seen some campers set pretty disgusting things on picnic tables (sewer hoses among other things). It’s a good idea to cover your table so you’re not eating where someone sat their “stinky slinky” – thank me later haha!


Outdoor cooking is a breeze with a portable grill or griddle. Enjoy the flexibility to prepare a variety of meals, from burgers to pancakes, in the great outdoors. These cooking appliances are perfect for hosting cookouts with fellow campers.

Blackstone griddle sitting atop a picnic table. Bacon and chicken tenders cooking on griddle.

Check out our Grilled Flatbread Pizza Recipe – YUM!

Pop-Up Gazebo

Stay protected from the sun, rain, and bugs with a pop-up gazebo. It’s a versatile addition to your outdoor setup, providing shade during hot days and protection from those pesky mosquitoes. We love to sit outside in the gazebo to work, hang out with friends, eat dinner, play games, and much more!

Pop-up gazebo setup outdoors next to fifthwheel RV

Inflatable Paddleboards/Kayaks

Embrace your adventurous side with inflatable kayaks or paddleboards. They’re compact and easy to transport, allowing you to explore nearby lakes, rivers, and waterways. We often plan our travels so we can camp near a body of water since kayaking is one of our favorite activities!

Two yellow inflatable kayaks on the river with city landscape in background


Extend your exploration radius with electric bikes (e-bikes). These battery-powered bicycles assist you in pedaling, making hilly terrain and long rides more manageable allowing you to explore longer. Not only are e-bikes super fun to ride but, they’re also practical for running errands without having to drive our huge truck!

Woman with an e-bike on the beach at sunset

We went with Pedego Element Fat-Tire electric bikes. The fat tires are perfect for riding on a variety of materials from gravel and dirt to pavement or sand. We love that they have shops all over the U.S. should we ever need a tune up. Lectric E-bikes are also a popular brand among RVers especially the model that folds.

Check out all our favorite bike gear here!

Indoor RV Items

Museum Putty

Keep your belongings securely in place while you’re on the move. Museum putty is a handy adhesive that prevents items from shifting and falling during transit, preserving your keepsakes and decor.

Here are a few ways you might use museum putty in your RV:

  • Decorations (countertop & hanging)
  • Picture frames
  • Small Plants
  • Toothbrush Holder
  • Soap Dispenser
  • Small Appliances (coffee maker, blender, etc.)

Screen Defender

This one will be helpful for all the pet parents! The Lippert Screen Defender is a great RV upgrade because it helps to protect the RV screen door from scratches, tears, and punctures caused by dogs or cats. This product is easy to install and made with durable, heavy-duty mesh that is designed to withstand the wear and tear of claws.

Black, white, and brown corgi dog sitting looking out an RV screen door

Our dogs love it when we have the door open so they can look out the screen and see what’s going on around the campground.

Want more tips and gear to make RV travel with your dog easier? Make sure to check out this post for lots of helpful info!

Cordless Vacuum

Maintaining a clean and tidy RV is effortless with a cordless vacuum. It’s lightweight, easy to maneuver, and perfect for quick cleanups of crumbs, pet hair, and dust, ensuring your living space stays fresh. We’ve had a Dyson vacuum since 2019 and it is a total lifesaver with all the dog hair I’m constantly sweeping up.

Woman vacuuming in the living room of an RV.

Oxygenics Shower Head

On our first camping trip with our RV, I could hardly wash my hair because the pressure was so terrible – UGH! Upgrade your shower experience with an Oxygenics shower head. It provides a powerful and invigorating spray while conserving water, allowing you to enjoy luxurious showers without depleting your water supply.

Oxygenics Shower Head

We installed the one we were using in our apartment before full-time RVing – the Oxygenics Power Massage Handheld. But, they also make RV-specific shower heads like the Oxygenics Fury RV Handheld Shower. Either way, you can’t go wrong!

Folding Step Stool

Some RV cabinets and storage areas were not created with convenience in mind. A lightweight and portable step stool is your go-to solution for accessing those out-of-reach cabinets and shelves effortlessly. Whether you’re grabbing a rarely-used cooking pot or stowing away camping gear, a folding step stool ensures you can maximize your RV’s storage space without the hassle of straining or stretching, making it an invaluable addition to your daily RV routine.

Washer / Dryer

Say goodbye to laundromats and campground facilities with a washer/dryer combo. No more late-night walks through the RV park, scrounging for quarters, or annoying reminders to change your clothes from washer to dryer. This all-in-one appliance lets you do your laundry right in your RV, saving time and money during your travels. Plus, you can do as many loads a day as you’d like – score!

Splendide Washer Combo

If your RV can accommodate one, a vented unit is definitely the way to go (it drys so much better!). We were even able to install the dryer vent ourselves which required cutting a hole into the side of our fifth wheel!

Pizza Stone

A pizza stone in your RV oven can be helpful when preparing dinner. In small RV ovens where temperature variations can be a challenge, a pizza stone acts as a buffer, ensuring food or baked goods cook more uniformly. By preheating the stone in the oven before placing your dishes on it, you create a stable and consistent cooking environment.

Pressure Cooker / Air Fryer

A pressure cooker and air fryer combo is a kitchen multitool that can revolutionize your meal preparation. It cooks food quickly and efficiently, saving time and energy while allowing you to enjoy delicious meals on the road.

Ninja Foodi pressure cooker sitting on white countertop

When we first moved into our fifth wheel, a small 3-quart Instant Pot was my appliance of choice since it could easily be tucked into a cabinet when not in use. Later on, we upgraded to an 8-quart Ninja Foodi and it gets used multiple times a week because there are so many different uses for it.

Ice Maker

I’m a smidge jealous of RVs that have a residential fridge… mainly because they also have an ice maker. The hassle of using ice trays or buying bags of ice can be a thing of the past with a countertop ice maker! We’ve had both a budget option as well as a “fancy” nugget ice maker and they both work great (we do prefer the nugget ice though!).

Countertop nugget ice maker sitting in the corner of a white countertop.

Gear Up

With these must-have RV items, you’ll be well-prepared for the adventures and challenges of full-time RV living. Each item serves a specific purpose, making your life on the road more comfortable, organized, and enjoyable. So, gear up and hit the open road with confidence, knowing you have everything you need for your full-time RV journey.

Safe travels!

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  2. Museum putty, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!?!? This post is so helpful, Megan!!! I found several things we need. Thank you for doing this!❤️

    1. Right?! When we used to leave our instant pot out at all times it held it to our counter and I was always surprised how well it worked. Thanks for helping out with it Laura!

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    1. Thank you! That one is on my list too. Thankfully we’ve only had minor tire issues, but I’d rather get one and have it just in case!

  5. Fulltimer here and we have almost all of these! I bought the InstaPot on our first year but rarely used it (we don’t eat meat) so I didn’t have much knowledge on other things to cook in it. But I’ve been thinking of going to grab it from my moms next time we visit. I’m just now hearing about museum putty!!! I just take everything down on our shelf. Going to buy it now thank you for sharing!!!

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