5 Things to add to your RV Security System

5 Things to Add to Your RV Security System

Aside from a small storage unit filled with some sentimental items, everything we own is inside our 40 foot fifth wheel. Just because our home has wheels and can move doesn’t mean we don’t worry about it getting broken into or things getting stolen. Now, we’ve never had a problem with this, but we have stayed in a few sketchy places and were glad we had our cameras setup to give us a peace of mind. So what can you do to to protect your home on wheels?? Keep reading to find out or watch a video about our RV Security System here

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1. RV Lock

Did you know that there are a handful of keys that can open just about any RV? That means your neighbor or someone that happens to have the same key as you can get into your RV. The reason many manufacturers key the RV doors alike is so that salespeople can easily show multiple units to interested buyers without having to carry around a dozen different keys. The most popular key seems to be CH751. If you’re like me, you might be a little uneasy knowing other campers could have access to your rig. So, one of the first things we did when we purchased our RV was change the locks. There are several different options out there but we went with The RV Lock. The RV lock features a keyless entry keypad + wireless fobs to lock and unlock the door. The install was fairly simple and pretty straightforward. Their locks fit most fifth wheels, travel trailers, and class c & a motorhomes. 

Ring Doorbell and Keyless entry lock on RV

2. Ring Doorbell

We get a lot of packages in the mail. Sometimes at RV parks you can get mail delivered straight to your door, other times it goes to the office, or very particular parks don’t allow you to receive packages or have a fee to receive the package on your behalf. All this to say having a doorbell with a camera is nice to have because you can see exactly when your package is delivered to your doorstep (we used this a ton when we were stationary the first few months of living in the RV). The Ring Doorbell we have includes motion detection, customizable motion zones, real time notifications, and a live view option too. It’s also nice to see ahead of time who might be at our door, especially when we aren’t expecting anyone. We used super strong double sided adhesive to put up the doorbell. I think the only times we’ve taken it down have been to change the batteries. It’s been all over the country with us and so far so good! 👌🏼

3. RV Security Lights

Another thing you can do to protect your home on wheels from a potential burglar is adding lights! We’ve added 4 Solar Pathlights and 10 Solar Steplights to our setup. The Pathlights are awesome because you can arrange them on your campsite as you please. They shine 80 lumens of white light onto the walkway when motion is detected. I love this because if we get home late and our awning light isn’t turned on, these turn on automatically so we’re not stumbling around in the dark trying to get to the door. The Steplights we added to the sides of our RV. We have 4 on each side and one in both the back and front. The Steplights shine up to 50 lumens of light downward. Again, makes it nice if we need to get something out of storage at night. They come on when motion is detected or you can set them to stay on for a certain amount of time. 

RV Security setup Lights and doorbell

4. RV Security Cameras

Probably one of the most important things you can add to protect your RV is cameras! We have two of Ring’s Spotlight Cam Solar. One is clamped to our ladder at the rear driver’s side of the RV. The other one is at the opposite passenger’s side near the front. These cameras can use solar to recharge (also comes with a rechargeable battery pack), record in 1080 HD and have night vision. It has a 140 degree field of view with motion detection and customizable motion zones. Having these cameras up would be helpful too in the event that someone were to hit our truck or trailer. Some of these RV parks can be really tight so it’s nice to have something recording if there was ever an accident. 

security camera on RV

5. Ferocious Guard Dog

Kind of kidding with this one! While your dog may not be able to directly prevent theft or break-ins, having a dog could help deter burglars.

corgi ready to catch ball

That about wraps it up for our outdoor RV security system! What do you think? Are we crazy, have just enough or is there something we’re missing?? 

Safe travels,

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    1. Thanks Janae!! We’d rather be safe than sorry! We’ve never had any problems but you just never know. One lady a few sites over from us said her truck had gotten hit here over the summer 😬

  1. Oooh this is so helpful! We’ve talked about getting cameras and I really miss our Nest doorbell from our house too. You’ve given me some things to think about!

    1. Yay! So glad you found it helpful!! We loved the Nest thermostat we used to have. We were trying to figure out a way to make it work in the RV too but so far no luck.

  2. For the ring and cameras do you have to set up the wifi every time you move? I think it’s a great idea just interested in the actual setup time.

    1. We have a router that we connect all our hotspots to so our WiFi is always running. Setup for the system is pretty minimal. Our doorbell stays attached to our RV as we move- we’ve had it on for over a year now with no problems. We take the cameras down but it’s quick to put them back up since they’re wireless. The lights on the side of our RV slide off and on so it’s really quick too. Hopefully that helps answer your question! 😄

  3. I am literally going to get this same set up😭 I never even thought about the little lights too but you are so right about getting in at night and not being able to see. We’ve done this so many times 😭 totaly adding that to our list!! Thanks for this Megan!

    1. hahaha right?! I’m so clumsy too so me walking around without lighting is just a bad idea 😂 so glad you found it helpful! Let me know if you have questions about it at all! I’m happy to help ☺️

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