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Fixing a Squeaky RV Slide Out – How to Lubricate RV Slide Outs

About 6 months into living in our RV full-time, we started noticing an AWFUL screeching noise whenever we would pull our living room slide in and out – eeeeek! The slide was really jerky and almost looked like it was jumping, causing stress on the motor. 

Our RV slides are on an Accu-slide system. This system uses steel cables to glide the room in and out in a precise manner. There is a plastic bar that the slide rubs against as it comes in. This bar allows the slide to come in smoothly, with minimal friction.

We initially thought that the tension in our slide system might be off, so we tried adjusting that first with no luck. After a bit of research, we saw that others online were having similar issues. Their slides were rubbing against that plastic bar. We’ve seen different methods of fixing this on YouTube but decided to try the easiest option first. 

We made a quick trip to Lowe’s to get some dry lube with Teflon. The brand we picked up was Blaster. All you have to do is spray this all along the bottom of your slide. You’ll then want to bring your slide in and back out to evenly distribute the lube. If your slide is still experiencing screeching and jerkiness while bringing it in/out you may have a different problem on your hands!

Hand holding Blaster Dry Lube with Teflon in front of an RV slide out.

Lesson learned! Don’t forget to lube your slide outs! Even though we have been RVing for nearly a year now, we are constantly learning new things all the time! Make sure to check out the video to hear and see just how terrible the slide looked going in and out.

We hope this helps. Best of luck fixing your RV slide!

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RV Quick Tips Fixing a Squeaky Slide Out

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