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99 Gift Ideas for RVers

Looking for gift ideas for RVers? You’re in the right place! If you have a friend or family member who loves RV camping, you know the struggle of finding great RV gifts that are useful while also being space and weight-conscious.

When it comes to finding the best gifts for RV owners, it’s all about combining practicality with a touch of luxury for life on the road. Whether you’re shopping for seasoned RV owners or those new to the RV lifestyle, these gift ideas for RVers are sure to enhance their travels.

Our gift guide features 99 great gifts for RV campers, ensuring you’ll discover the perfect gift they’ll love and use on their RV adventures!

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Practical Gifts for RV Owners

Discover a selection of gifts that seamlessly blend functionality with convenience, catering to the practical needs of RV owners. From space-saving solutions to travel essentials, these gifts are designed to enhance the efficiency of life on the road.

1. Roadside Emergency Kit

The truth about RV life is it’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN something will go wrong. Whether handling common roadside issues or emergencies, a comprehensive roadside kit is a must-have gift for RV owners prioritizing safety.


This kit contains a variety of essentials including jumper cables, tow rope, tire repair tools, a first aid kit, and more.

For a full list of tools we think every RVer should carry, read this next!

2. Portable Air Compressor

Proper tire pressure is essential for safe and fuel-efficient travel. Being able to adjust the air in the tires on the fly is so important especially when visiting remote areas.


An air compressor is compact, portable, and easy to throw into a truck or tow-vehicle ensuring it’ll be handy when needed. 

3. Bungee Cords

While traveling in an RV, you quickly realize most things need to be secured one way or another. A thoughtful RV gift for any camper would be a set of versatile bungee cords, like this one with various lengths, ensuring they are well-equipped to keep things in place during their travels.

Set of bungee cords

4. Portable Tool Set

Campers who are new to the RV lifestyle may not have a repair kit. A portable tool set that is compact and well-equipped for on-the-go repairs is something every RV owner should carry!

Portable tool set

5. RV SnapPads

RV SnapPads seamlessly fit over the jacks and leveling feet of an RV, creating a stable and secure foundation. This practical RV gift prevents bouncing and sliding, protects the jacks, and reduces the need for additional wood or plastic leveling blocks.

RV SnapPads on jacks

There are lots of different jack feet shapes and sizes on campers so double check that you order the correct size!

6. X-Chock Wheel Stabilizers

The X-Chock Stabilizer is a game-changer for RVers. It effectively reduces sway and movement and keeps the RV securely in place when parked. This is the one piece of RV gear we regretted not adding to our setup sooner!

Max X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer between two RV tires

7. Tire Pressure Monitoring System

A TMPS is a vital addition to any RV owner’s toolkit. It’s like having a guardian angel for your RV’s tires. The system constantly monitors the air pressure and temperature of each tire, providing you with real-time data and alerts (and peace of mind) while driving. 

Lippert Tire Linc - Tire Pressure Monitoring System

8. Folding Step Stool

RVs tend to maximize any storage which leads to some hard-to-reach areas inside the camper. A folding step stool is another great RV gift idea to help reach those tricky spots.

Folding stool

9. Command Strips and Command Hooks

Is there such a thing as having too many command strips for an RVer? Absolutely not! Their versatility extends to hanging decor, organizing cabinets, and hanging hats and jackets—all without causing any damage to the RV’s walls. These make a great stocking stuffer!

Command hooks inside cabinet holding measure spoons and spatulas

10. Apple Air Tags

Air Tags are an excellent gift idea for Rvers who are prone to misplacing items. They can be used to track and locate important items, such as keys or wallets, reducing the chances of misplacing belongings during travels. Tile Trackers are a great alternatives for those without a way to use Apple Air Tags.

Apple air tags

11. Cordless Stick Vacuum

Compact and lightweight stick vacuums prove to be perfect for cleaning in small spaces, particularly within an RV. The cordless design enhances maneuverability, making it an optimal choice for tackling quick cleanups and accessing those tight corners.

Dyson stick vacuum hanging on wall of RV

Dyson is an excellent choice, and pet-loving RVers will appreciate the added convenience of its built-in light, ensuring efficient removal of pesky pet hair.

Outdoor Gear RV Gifts

Explore a range of outdoor gear gifts tailored for RVers. Equip your loved ones with accessories that amplify their outdoor experiences while adding a touch of comfort. 

12. Outdoor RV Rug

Elevating the campsite ambiance, an outdoor RV rug not only defines the space but also creates a clean and inviting area for relaxation and socializing. With a plethora of designs available, you can easily find one that complements any RV owner’s style. It may be the best gift for RV owners who love spending time unwinding at the campground.

Fifth wheel parked under palm trees with checkered black and white mat setup and camp chairs.

13. Thermacell Mosquito Repeller

Create a mosquito-free oasis around the RV with a mosquito repeller. A perfect gift for the RVer who is a bug magnet!


14. Pop-Up Gazebo

A pop-up gazebo is a great gift for RV campers! Offering shade on scorching days and a shield against bothersome mosquitoes, it becomes the go-to spot for various activities, from working and socializing with friends to enjoying meals, playing games, and so much more!

Pop-up gazebo setup outdoors next to fifthwheel RV

15. Outdoor Grill or Griddle

Enjoying a meal with fellow campers is one of our favorite parts of RVing. Among the RV community, Blackstone Griddles have gained immense popularity, offering a versatile cooking experience—from pancakes to burgers and virtually anything in between. 

The latest addition to our outdoor cooking gear, the Ninja Woodfire Grill, stands out as an excellent choice for RVers seeking to impart a delightful smoky flavor to their meals.

Blackstone Griddle

16. Folding Camp Table

Compact and easy to set up, this table provides a stable surface for meals, games, and other outdoor activities.

Foldable camp table

17. Camping Chairs

Portable and comfortable, a hammock camping chair is a versatile solution for on-the-go relaxation, perfect for camping or lounging in any outdoor setting. Its lightweight design and easy setup make it an ideal choice for those who enjoy rocking next to the campfire.

couple sitting on the beach in hammock chairs

After 4 years with our hammock chairs, we were in the market for some new camping chairs. GCI had a great Black Friday sale on their Freestyle Rockers so we decided to get a couple to try out! So far we’re really enjoying them and they’ve been an even better option than the hammock chairs. 

18. Solo Stove

The Solo Stove is a portable and efficient way to enjoy a mesmerizing fire wherever your RV adventures take you. This compact and smokeless fire pit is designed with stainless steel construction, ensuring durability and easy maintenance.

Solo stove firepit

Whether you’re roasting marshmallows or simply enjoying the warmth, the Solo Stove Firepit is a must-have for creating a memorable outdoor ambiance at your campsite.

*A portable propane firepit is a great alternative to the Solo Stove especially in areas with burn bans in effect.

19. Yeti Cooler

A hard or soft-sided Yeti cooler is great for keeping beverages and snacks chilled on the road. Built for durability and ice retention, this cooler is a must-have for RVers who value quality. Its robust construction ensures it can withstand the demands of outdoor adventures, making it the perfect companion for RV road trips.

Tan yeti cooler

20. Inflatable Kayak or Paddle Board

Perfect for water enthusiasts, an inflatable kayak and paddle board are excellent gift ideas for RVers seeking to elevate their adventures. Compact and easily transportable, these watercraft provide the freedom to explore nearby lakes, rivers, and waterways without encroaching on valuable RV storage space.

Woman paddling inflatable kayak on a river

Cozy Gift Ideas for RV Owners

From snug blankets to ambient lighting, these items are curated to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the camper, making every journey a homey retreat.

21. Quick Zip Sheets

Tackling RV beds and bunks can be a real challenge, especially when it comes to wrestling with fitted sheets. Enter Quick Zip Sheets, the ultimate solution for effortless bed-making in your RV. These sheets not only save time and effort but also offer a soft and breathable sleeping experience. They’re available in a variety of colors and sizes, including RV-specific dimensions.

Quick Zip Sheets in teal

22. Compact Space Heater

For those chilly nights in the RV, a compact space heater quickly and efficiently warms up a room. We keep one in our bedroom and another out in the garage of our toy hauler.

Electric heater

23. Outdoor Blanket

Durable and weather-resistant, this blanket is perfect for snuggling up during cool evenings outdoors. It also doubles as a place to sit, easily rolls up, and is machine washable.

Black and grey roll up blanket

24. Minky Throw Blanket

These blankets are luxuriously soft and comforting – perfect for snuggling up inside the camper.

Minky blanket

25. Slippers

 Indulge in comfort during campground downtime with a pair of camping slippers. Designed with a sturdy bottom suitable for the outdoors, they provide the perfect footwear for moments of relaxation around the campfire or inside the RV.

Black outdoor slippers

26. Outdoor String Lights

String lights add a warm and inviting ambiance to the outdoor RV space, perfect for cozy nights by the fire!

Outdoor string lights

Kitchen Accessory RV Gifts

Compact, practical, and designed for the unique challenges of RV kitchens, these gifts make cooking and dining in an RV a delightful affair.

27. Nesting Pots and Pans

One common challenge faced by RVers is contending with limited or awkwardly sized cabinets in their kitchen. A thoughtful solution to this space dilemma is a set of nesting pots and pans, cleverly designed for optimal space efficiency.

Cream colored nesting pots and pans with removable handle

What sets these apart is the added feature of a removable handle, providing even more flexibility in managing space. This practical RV gift streamlines storage and ensures RV owners can whip up delicious meals without compromising precious cabinet space.

28. Nesting Prep Bowls

Along the same lines, gifting RV owners a set of nesting bowls is a thoughtful gesture for those who value an organized kitchen space. Opt for a versatile set with lids, transforming these bowls into convenient storage containers—adding an extra layer of practicality to this RV gift.

Nesting bowls with lids

29. RV-Sized Sheet Pans

USA Non-Stick Sheet Pans are perfect for small RV ovens, with a quarter sheet pan size measuring 13″ x 9.5″. With ample space on the sides to spare, these pans effortlessly slide into the camper’s oven. What sets USA Pan apart is their heavy-duty, non-stick design, resistance to warping, and availability in various size options, including a mini 1/8 sheet pan.

Metal sheet pan with row of oatmeal chocolate cookies lined up

Unless the RVer is equipped with a residential oven in their rig, the RV oven typically can accommodate a 10 x 15-inch cookie sheet or a 9 x 13 baking dish—though it's best to check dimensions in advance. In our RV's convection microwave oven, a half sheet fits seamlessly.

30. Corelle Dinnerware Set

A Corelle Dinnerware set is perfect for RV kitchens because the dishes are made from Vitrelle—a durable tempered glass product resistant to chipping and breaking. Designed for space efficiency and adorned with contemporary patterns, these lightweight and stackable dishes combine style and practicality for the perfect on-the-road dining experience.

Corelle dish set

31. Pizza Stone

Propane ovens in RVs are notorious for inconsistent and uneven cooking. An effective solution to tackle this common issue is incorporating a pizza stone into the oven. This addition helps in even heat distribution while also enhancing the overall cooking experience, ensuring dinner comes out perfectly cooked every time.

Pizza stone and peel

32. Mini Waffle Maker

Delight the road-tripper in your life with the joy of homemade waffles! This compact mini waffle maker is great for creating just a few waffles at a time and is conveniently sized to snugly fit into any drawer. Its versatility extends beyond waffles, offering the flexibility to whip up eggs, biscuits, cinnamon rolls, and more, making it a fun addition to any RV kitchen.

Stack of waffles behind mint green mini waffle maker

33. Countertop Ice Maker

For RV campers lacking a residential refrigerator, the absence of an ice maker is a likely scenario. A thoughtful RV gift idea is a countertop ice maker, especially for those who frequently need ice for drinks, smoothies, or for use in coolers. This eliminates the hassle of dealing with ice trays or the concern of finding a store for bagged ice. 

Opal nugget ice maker sitting on white counter top.

The Frigidaire ice maker stands out as an excellent choice, and for enthusiasts of nugget ice the GE Opal ice maker is the way to go.

34. Ninja Foodi or InstantPot

As versatile kitchen workhorses, these appliances effortlessly streamline cooking in the RV, offering a time and energy-saving solution. With functionalities ranging from pressure cooking and rice cooking to slow cooking and sautéing, they cater to a variety of meal preparations.

Ninja Foodi pressure cooker sitting on white countertop

Opting for a model equipped with an air fryer adds an extra layer of versatility appreciated in RV life.

While these kitchen appliances may seem bulky, their worth in optimizing RV cooking space is undeniable. Fortunately, they come in various sizes to accommodate different preferences. In fact, we began with a compact 3-quart Mini Instant Pot before upgrading to our current Ninja Foodi.

35. Compact Cutlery Organizer

A must-have for every RV kitchen, the Joseph Joseph Compact Cutlery Organizer brings a touch of organization to kitchen drawer chaos. It neatly and compactly keeps cutlery arranged, enhancing the overall functionality of the kitchen.

Utensil Organizer

36. Silicone Food Storage Bags

This is one of the best gift ideas for RV owners who are environmentally conscious and striving to minimize their plastic usage. These versatile storage bags eliminate the need for single-use plastics and come in an array of sizes and colors, providing convenience as they are dishwasher-safe, microwave-friendly, oven-safe (up to 425°F), and freezer-friendly.

Stasher silicone food bags

Opting for a variety bundle is an excellent choice for RVers beginning to build their collection of eco-friendly storage solutions.

Coffee Gifts for RV Owners

For coffee enthusiasts, explore a collection of gifts that elevate the daily coffee routine. From portable brewing options to accessories that enhance enjoying a cup each morning, these gifts cater to the caffeinated cravings of RV travelers.

37. Keurig K-Mini

Measuring under 5 inches in width, this compact Keurig single-serve coffee maker is a perfect fit for virtually any RV. Ideal for on-the-go RV travelers, its rapid brew time and compatibility with travel mugs make it a fantastic choice.

Black keurig coffee maker

You could even pair this fun RV gift with a pack of K-Cups for a delightful stocking stuffer.

38. AeroPress or French Press

Manual coffee makers are a great alternative to coffee machines due to their small size and ability to be used without electricity – perfect for RVers who enjoy boondocking.

Among these, the AeroPress stands out as a popular selection for campers and travelers, prized for its durability and space-saving design. While the French Press is a solid option, it’s important to note that most are crafted from glass (though a few are made from steel), which may not always be the optimal choice for RVing due to its fragility.

Aeropress coffee maker

It's important to note both these coffee makers will require a kettle or pot to boil water in.

39. Travel Mug

Every RVer needs a good travel mug for those early mornings on the road! There are an overwhelming amount of options out there, but our personal favorite has been the Yeti Rambler Travel Mug. Both the 20 and 30-oz. mugs are designed to fit in a standard cup holder, are leak-resistant, and come with a nice handle. This RV gift idea will keep your loved one fueled with piping-hot coffee for all their adventures!

Travel Yeti coffee mug in cup holder inside truck

This RV gift idea will keep your loved one fueled with piping-hot coffee for all their adventures!

40. Coffee Sampler

For coffee enthusiasts who enjoy exploring diverse flavors, a coffee sampler set is a fun gift idea. Sets like this one offer the perfect opportunity to savor a variety of coffee blends from different regions, adding a delightful sense of excitement to a morning routine.

Coffee sampler gift

41. Rechargeable Coffee Grinder

Unlocking the secret to a truly delicious cup of coffee lies in freshly ground beans. A rechargeable coffee grinder guarantees the delightful aroma and flavor of freshly ground coffee wherever the RV adventure may lead.

Coffee grinder

42. Coffee Canister

Keep both beans and grounds irresistibly fresh with a coffee canister. This stainless steel option goes beyond mere storage, offering an airtight seal, a convenient date tracker, and a built-in scoop for added convenience.

Coffee canister

Versatile in its use, it’s not just for coffee—consider it an excellent storage solution for other pantry essentials like tea, sugar, and nuts.

Fun and Unique RV Gifts

Uncover a selection of unique and fun gifts that add a touch of personality and entertainment to the RV lifestyle. From quirky accessories to games and novelties, these gifts are sure to bring joy and laughter to the journey.

43. Portable Cornhole Set

Elevate the outdoor fun for RV owners with a fantastic addition—a portable cornhole set. This lightweight set, while adhering to regulation size, offers versatility by allowing the boards to be filled with water for added weight, making it sturdy for use on various surfaces. The boards cleverly snap together, forming a suitcase for effortless transportation.

Portable cornhole board

Collapsible cornhole boards are a great alternative for those mindful of size, weight, and who don’t mind playing on a non-regulation sized board.

44. Basecamp Cards

Foster camaraderie on the road with this thoughtful gift for RV owners—a deck of playing cards featuring icebreaker questions. From humorous to thought-provoking, these cards spark meaningful conversations and create shared experiences among fellow travelers. 

Basecamp playing cards

Deepen the social aspect of RV life and make connections that last with this engaging and fun addition to their travels.

45. Card Game Bundle

Whether enjoying a cozy evening inside the RV or gathering with fellow campers, a deck of cards becomes a source of entertainment that fosters fun and community. Unlike bulkier board games, cards are a storage-friendly option, making them ideal for RV adventures.

Bundle of playing card games

This versatile card game set features three engaging games: Uno, Phase 10, and Skipbo. Moreover, classic board games like Monopoly, Clue, and the Game of Life have been ingeniously transformed into card game versions, providing a compact yet entertaining option for all types of gatherings.

46. S'mores Caddy & Roasting Sticks

Who doesn’t enjoy an ooey-gooey s’more roasted over a fire? This s’mores kit features roasting sticks and a convenient caddy with ample storage space for graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars (food items not included). Perfect for those who love cooking over an open flame, this kit ensures that the essentials for crafting s’mores are always on hand.

S'mores caddy box

For an extra special touch create your own DIY s'mores caddy to gift an RV camper. Get creative with decorations and select their favorite ingredients for a customized and delicious campfire experience.

47. Portable Outdoor Movie Projector

An RV campsite can be transformed into an immersive outdoor theater with the addition of an outdoor movie projector! This provides an excellent opportunity to unwind under the open sky or host a movie night with friends.

Movie project and screen

Consider including a collapsible popcorn popper or a flavorful popcorn seasoning pack, making for a delightful stocking stuffer to accompany the movie projector.

48. Electric Fly Swatter

While it may seem gimmicky, this gift idea for RVers is a surprisingly effective solution to a common problem. Dealing with bugs infiltrating the camper is inevitable, but fear not! An electric fly swatter has proven to be the easiest and most efficient way to eliminate flies and mosquitoes. 

Electric fly zapper

Practical and effective, this item might just become an unexpected but appreciated addition to an RVer’s toolkit.

49. USA State Sticker Maps

A sticker map is an ingenious way for RVers to visually document and proudly display their RV travels on the exterior of their camper. With a variety of styles to choose from, you can select the perfect one to complement the taste and style of the RVer in your life.

USA state sticker map

50. Personalized RV Doormat

Elevate the entrance of any RV with this thoughtful and customized touch. A doormat adds a touch of personality to the RV owner’s camper with the ability to customize it with names, quotes, or a special message.

Personalized RV doormat

51. Personalized Happy Camper Sign

A favorite among RVers, these customized metal or wooden signs are often proudly displayed in the grass, infusing the outdoor space with a personal and welcoming touch.

Happy camper sign

Beyond its decorative appeal, these signs become a statement piece, reflecting the unique personality and spirit of the RV owner.

Electronic RV Gadget Gifts

Embrace the tech-savvy side of RV living with electronic and gadget gifts. From cameras to entertainment solutions, these gifts harness the power of technology to enhance the RV experience. 

52. Dash Camera

The Rove R3 Dash Camera is more than just a recording tool—it’s a crucial safety device that diligently captures incidents and accidents, offering invaluable evidence in case of emergencies. Invest in safety with the Rove R3 Dash Camera, an essential companion for any RV adventure.

Dash Cam

53. Furrion RV Backup Camera

Towing an RV can pose challenges when backing up or changing lanes. The Furrion RV Backup Camera offers a wireless solution that provides a clear and real-time view of the vehicle’s surroundings. This not only enhances safety but also minimizes the risk of accidents and potential damage to the RV or other vehicles.

Furrion back up camera

54. Shokz OpenRun Pro Sport Headphones

Elevate your outdoor activities with these specialized bone-conduction headphones. Tailored for an active lifestyle, the Shokz OpenRun Pro Sport Headphones prioritize situational awareness, ensuring a heightened sense of safety during runs, hikes, and various outdoor activities. 

Man wearing shokz over ears headphones

Designed for durability, comfort, and premium sound quality, Shokz headphones redefine the audio experience making them an essential accessory for those who love combining music with their outdoor adventures.

55. Kindle E-Book Reader

A Kindle E-Book Reader is a welcome companion on long travel days. It lightens the load of bulky books and ensures that avid readers have a diverse library at their fingertips, making it an invaluable travel accessory for those who appreciate the joys of reading while on the go.

Kindle e-book reader

56. GoPro Camera

The GoPro, an iconic camera designed to capture high-quality footage, is the perfect gift for an RV owner wanting to preserve memories for years to come. Whether hiking scenic trails, navigating challenging terrain, or diving into crystal-clear waters, the GoPro is a reliable tool, that records every exhilarating moment with stunning clarity.

Go Pro camera

Its compact and durable design ensures it can withstand the rigors of any adventure, while its versatile features, such as waterproof capabilities and advanced stabilization, make it the perfect choice for documenting and reliving unforgettable experiences.

57. Drone

For RVers eager to capture their adventures from unique perspectives, a drone is an invaluable tool, providing an immersive way to showcase landscapes, campsites, and scenic routes. 

DJI drone on picnic table

The seamless ability to soar above and beyond, combined with advanced camera capabilities, transforms RV travel into a visual storytelling experience that they’ll cherish for years to come.

Gift Ideas for RVers with Pets

For RVers traveling with furry companions, explore gifts designed to make the journey comfortable and enjoyable for both pets and owners. From safety items to essential gear, these gifts cater to the needs of RVers with pets.

P.S. if you’re looking for more information about RVing with dogs read this post next!

58. Lippert Screen Defender

An essential accessory for RVers traveling with pets, the Lippert Screen Defender acts as a reliable barrier against scratches and potential damage. Its protective design preserves the RV screens while ensuring pet owners can enjoy camping with their furry friends worry-free. This screen defender allows pets to take in the outdoor views without causing harm.

Lippert screen defender on RV door. Two corgi dogs looking out screen door.

59. MudBuster Dog Paw Cleaner

Maintain a clean and tidy RV interior with the MudBuster Dog Paw Cleaner—an ingenious solution for efficiently cleaning muddy paws before pets enter the camper.


60. Portable Dog Fence

Give the gift of outdoor freedom to your favorite furry traveler with a portable dog fence—an excellent addition to any RV campsite. This thoughtful RV gift creates a secure and designated space for pets to enjoy the great outdoors, offering them the freedom to play and explore while ensuring their safety.

Dog playpen set up around fifth wheel RV with 2 dogs sitting inside at sunset.

61. SeaDek RV Step Covers

RV steps can be dangerous for pets and humans alike, especially when wet. SeaDek RV Step Covers provide a soft and slip-resistant surface, ensuring that pets can navigate the RV’s steps with ease. The durable and weather-resistant material not only protects the steps but also adds an extra layer of comfort for pets.

RV step covers

62. LED Dog Collar

Illuminate nighttime walks with an LED Dog Collar—a safety-focused gift that enhances visibility for both pets and their owners.

Blue LED dog collar

63. Dog Car Seat Cover

For RVers embarking on adventures with their beloved pets, a durable and waterproof car seat cover is an essential accessory. This protective cover goes beyond shielding car seats from dirt, fur, and moisture; it creates a snug and secure space for pets during travel.

dog car seat cover with two corgis in backseat of truck

It’s the perfect travel companion for pet-loving RV enthusiasts, ensuring a clean, cozy, and stress-free journey for both pets and their owners.

Gifts for RV Owners with Bikes

From safety accessories to essential gear, these gifts are designed to cater to outdoor enthusiasts who love to explore on bikes during their RV adventures.

64. FoldyLock Bike Lock

The FoldyLock Bike Lock is a compact lock for RVers with bikes. This innovative lock easily folds into a compact shape for convenient storage plus, the lock holder can even be mounted directly to the bike so it’s always handy.

FoldyLock bike lock

Its robust construction ensures top-notch protection against theft, providing peace of mind for cyclists exploring new destinations.

65. Sena Smart Cycling Helmet

This is a great gift for RV couples who enjoy going on bike rides together. This smart helmet not only provides top-tier protection but also features built-in communication capabilities, allowing cyclists to stay connected while on a ride. With Bluetooth integration, riders can enjoy hands-free communication via the intercom, music streaming, and GPS navigation.

Man wearing Sena bike helmet

66. Saddle Bag

This is a must-have accessory for cyclists hitting the open road. These spacious and durable bags easily attach to the bike, providing ample storage for essentials like snacks, water, tools, and more.

Saddle Bags

67. Bike Cover

This durable and weather-resistant cover shields bikes from the elements, protecting them against sun, rain, and dust. Gift a bike cover to enhance the longevity of your loved one’s bike and keep it in top condition for countless rides ahead.

Bike Covers

68. Rechargeable Bike Lights

Rechargeable bike lights are a practical and safety-focused gift for RVers with bikes. These powerful lights ensure visibility during nighttime rides, enhancing safety and allowing cyclists to confidently navigate any terrain. 

Rechargeable bike light

Books and Guides for RV Owners

Whether it’s travel inspiration, cooking tips, or guides to national parks, these gifts offer a wealth of information for the avid RVer.

69. Audible Subscription

Audible unlocks an expansive collection of audiobooks, podcasts, and originals—a great idea for extended journeys on the open road. Gift memberships for durations of 1, 3, 6, or 12 months grant recipients access to the Plus catalog and one monthly credit. This credit can be redeemed for any title, ensuring an ever-growing library of cherished audiobooks to accompany them on their RV adventures.

Hand holding phone with audio book browsing open

70. Podcast Subscription

Is your loved one hooked on a particular podcast? Many podcasts offer subscription plans, providing listeners with perks like ad-free episodes, exclusive bonus content, behind-the-scenes insights, and more. Surprise them with a podcast subscription to ensure the journey is filled with continuous entertainment during road trips.

Phone laying on wood background surrounded by set of headphones

71. Magazine Subscription

Deliver a dose of inspiration with a magazine subscription tailored to the RV lifestyle. Whether it’s the latest trends, gear reviews, or captivating travel stories, RV Today, RV Magazine, and Rootless Living offer a wealth of information for RV enthusiasts.

RV Magazine

A subscription becomes a regular source of entertainment and valuable tips, keeping RVers connected to the vibrant community and ever-evolving world of RV living.

72. RV Logbook

An RV Logbook is a sentimental gift for those who love to document their journeys on the road. This logbook provides a dedicated space to record travel details, campground experiences, and memorable moments. With sections for tracking mileage, expenses, and campground reviews, it becomes a cherished companion for RVers seeking to preserve the stories of their nomadic lifestyle.

camping log book

73. RVing Across America

“RVing Across America” by Alyssa Padget is an engaging and insightful memoir that chronicles the author’s adventures on the road. This book offers a personal and humorous perspective on RV life, providing a mix of travel tales, practical insights, and the joys and challenges of nomadic living.

RVing Across America book

74. The #Vanlife Murders

True crime fans will enjoy this gripping mystery set against the backdrop of the #Vanlife movement. This novel takes readers on a suspenseful journey through the nomadic lifestyle, blending elements of crime, intrigue, and the freedom of the open road.

Vanlife Murders Book

75. The Outdoor Cook: How to Cook Anything Outside Using Your Grill

This cookbook from America’s Test Kitchen would be a great gift idea for RVers who enjoy cooking outdoors. Packed with tested recipes, techniques, and expert tips, this book equips RVers with the skills to create delicious meals in the great outdoors whether they use a gas or charcoal grill, flat-top griddle, open-fire setup, smoker, or even a pizza oven.

The Outdoor Cook book

76. Your Guide to the National Parks: The Complete Guide to all 59 National Parks

Our first year on the road, I was gifted this guidebook from my parents and I always pull it out to reference before planning our national park travels! It offers detailed information, maps, and breathtaking imagery that captures the beauty of each park.

national park guide book

77. National Geographic Books

Discover the beauty and secrets of the national parks with National Geographic’s exceptional set of books. “10 Best of Everything National Parks” provides curated lists of the best experiences in each park. “Secrets of the National Parks” unveils hidden wonders and stories, while the “Guide to National Parks of the United States” offers comprehensive information for planning unforgettable journeys. Gift this trio to ignite a passion for exploration and a deeper appreciation of the nation’s natural wonders.

National Geographic books

78. National Park Passport Book

This compact booklet serves as a canvas for collecting unique stamps at national parks, creating a tangible and personalized record of your adventures. Each stamp tells a story, marking your presence at iconic landmarks and natural wonders across the country. A passport book is a great way for RVers to collect souvenirs from the national parks without taking up any extra room in their camper!

National Park Passport stamp book

Membership Gift Ideas for RVers

Whether it’s securing discounts on campgrounds, gaining access to a supportive community, or enjoying unique overnight stays, these memberships offer a range of perks to enhance the RV lifestyle. Discover the perfect membership to elevate your or your loved one’s RV journey.

79. RV LIFE Pro

An indispensable app and community membership for RVers, RV LIFE Pro goes beyond the ordinary, offering an array of features such as an RV safe GPS, visual RV trip planner, campground directory with reviews from RVers, maintenance tracker, online RV courses, and thriving RV life communities. RV LIFE Pro ensures a seamless and informed journey, making it one of the most comprehensive apps for RVers.

RV LIFE Trip Wizard

80. Passport America

A savvy choice for budget-conscious RVers, Passport America opens the door to campgrounds with significant discounts of 50% off, making travel more affordable.

Save50 a32

81. Good Sam

This is a helpful membership for RVers, offering exclusive discounts on campgrounds, fuel, and RV accessories, ensuring significant savings on essential travel expenses. There are lots of membership benefits, but the one we most often use is the 10% off nightly rate at Good Sam Campgrounds.

Good Sam Club

82. Escapees RV Club

Escapees provides a comprehensive membership package, covering essential services like mail forwarding, access to their informative magazine, discounted stays at campgrounds, and more. With a yearly membership priced at $49.95, it’s an invaluable gift for RV owners seeking a supportive community on the road. As long-time members ourselves, we can attest to the numerous benefits that Escapees RV Club brings to the RV lifestyle.

83. America the Beautiful National Park Pass

A must-have for nature enthusiasts, this pass grants access to breathtaking national parks and federal recreation sites, encouraging exploration and adventure. The America the Beautiful National Park Pass opens the door to unparalleled natural wonders, ensuring RVers can immerse themselves in the beauty of the great outdoors.

Handing holding a national park pass

84. State Park Passes

A state park pass is an invaluable asset for RVers who frequently explore a specific state or region. The state park entrance pass system varies across states, with many offering passes for unlimited entry to most state parks. Some passes even come with additional perks, such as discounts on campsites, adding extra value to RV owners.

Here’s an example of a state park pass! In Texas the pass gets you: unlimited free entry to 89 state parks, discounts on camping, park store purchases and equipment rentals, plus other special offers.

Gift Ideas for RVers Under $30

Discover thoughtful and budget-friendly gifts that prove you don’t need to break the bank to find the perfect RV present. From practical accessories to fun novelties, these gifts under $30 offer affordability without compromising on quality.

85. Headlamp

A practical and essential tool for any RVer, a headlamp provides hands-free illumination for various activities, from setting up camp in the dark to navigating nighttime walks. My favorite use is for taking our dogs out at night!


86. Wool Hiking Socks

Keep the feet of your favorite RVer cozy and comfortable with these wool hiking socks, perfect for chilly evenings around the campfire or long hikes in diverse terrains.

Wool hiking socks

87. Lifestraw Personal Water Filter

An indispensable tool for outdoor adventures, the Lifestraw Personal Water Filter ensures access to clean and safe drinking water, making it a must-have for RVers who love to hike and explore off-grid locations.

Life straw

88. Microfiber Travel Towel

Compact and quick-drying, a microfiber travel towel is a space-saving essential for RVers, providing convenience during camping trips, beach outings, and water activities.

Microfiber travel towel

89. Fire Changing Color Packets

Elevate the campfire experience with these mesmerizing color-changing packets. Simply toss one into the flames, and watch as vibrant hues transform the fire, adding a touch of magic to every outdoor gathering. These are great gifts for RVers with kids.

Package of enchanted flames that turn campfires colors

90. Picnic Table Cover

Picnic tables at campsites can be a bit unpredictable. You never know what was once on that picnic table where you plan to sit and eat! Picnic table covers take up minimal storage space while keeping your eating area clean and adding a touch of style to the campsite.

Picnic table cover protecting table from food

91. Insect Bite Healer

A thoughtful and practical gift for RVers who love the great outdoors, the Beurer Insect Bite Healer provides relief from pesky bug bites, helping to soothe itching and discomfort for a more enjoyable camping experience.

White insect bite healer

92. Pickleball Paddle Set

Unleash the fun of pickleball with this affordable paddle set—a fantastic gift idea for RVers seeking active enjoyment at campgrounds or local courts. As pickleball continues to soar in popularity, this set ensures hours of entertainment for both beginners and seasoned players.

Pickleball paddle set

93. Ranger Ready Tick & Insect Repellant

For RVers who love exploring nature this pack offers protection against ticks, mosquitoes, and other biting insects. The Permethrin treatment is designed for clothing and gear, creating a protective barrier, while the Picaridin spray is perfect for direct application on exposed skin. 

Insect repellant spray

Odorless, quick-drying, and long-lasting, the Ranger Ready P2Pak ensures you can embrace the outdoors comfortably and confidently.

94. Hammock

A hammock is a delightful addition to any campsite. Perfect for leisurely afternoons, this compact hammock is easy to set up and provides a cozy spot for relaxation.


95. Foldable Hiking Backpack

This 40L pack is a lightweight and water-resistant option, perfect for on-the-go explorers. Its foldable design ensures easy storage, making it an ideal choice for hikers and travelers looking for both convenience and functionality.

Foldable hiking backpack

96. Collapsible Solar Lantern

Illuminate outdoor adventures with a collapsible LED solar lantern. The collapsible design makes it easy to store, and the solar-powered feature ensures you have a reliable light source wherever your travels take you. Whether camping, hiking, or simply enjoying the night sky outside your RV, this lantern is a versatile and sustainable addition to your outdoor gear collection.

Collapsible solar lantern

Last Minute RV Gifts

For those seeking a quick yet thoughtful present, consider last-minute RV gifts in the form of gift cards. From Amazon to fuel, these cards offer flexibility and the freedom for recipients to choose what they need most.

97. Amazon Gift Card

You can never go wrong with a gift card! That way your loved one can choose exactly what they need for their RV travels. From camping gear to entertainment options, Amazon offers a vast selection that caters to every RVer’s preferences.

Amazon gift card in a blue box with bow

98. Fuel Gift Card

Keep the RV rolling with a fuel gift card. This practical and thoughtful gift ensures that the recipient can fill up their tank without worrying about crazy fuel prices. Pilot Flying J and Love’s Travel Stops are both nationwide and RV-friendly options.

RV at Love's travel stop in line for gas

99. Restaurant Gift Card

Treat your loved one to a night off from cooking! Opt for a versatile restaurant gift card offering a choice from various restaurant chains. It’s a thoughtful way to provide them with a delicious dining experience, especially after a long drive day in the RV.

Restaurant Gift Card

Best Gift Ideas for RVers

We hope you’ve discovered the perfect gifts to enhance the journeys of your RV traveler. From practical and outdoor gear to cozy comforts, kitchen accessories, and unique gadgets, these thoughtful selections cater to the diverse needs and preferences of RV owners. With these gift ideas for RVers you’re sure to bring joy, making every mile memorable.

Happy shopping!

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