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Creative RV Storage Ideas – Pegboard Wall Organizer

When we decided to move into our RV and live in it full-time, we knew we’d have to downsize significantly. That alone can be a huge undertaking, but once you’ve downsized to the items you’ll be bringing along with you, you have to get moved in and figure out the best ways to organize everything. 

This can be challenging for a few reasons: 

  1. The space is smaller than what you’re used to (and you probably still have too much stuff).
    • I know we donated and threw away even more stuff AFTER we moved into the RV. 
  2. The RV storage space might be shallow or awkwardly spaced.
    • Some of the cabinets in our kitchen are really tall and deep while cabinets in our bathroom are strange heights and really shallow. 
  3. Your RV might lack storage.
    • Our toy hauler is really lacking in the outside storage department. We also don’t have a single full sized closet in our RV. 

One of the reasons we chose a toy hauler was because of the versatility of the garage space. Philip uses it as his office during the day but it also functions as a laundry room, craft room and garage on moving days. It was really important for us to be able to bring our hobbies and passions with us on the road too since this isn’t just a vacation- we’re still living our normal everyday life.

Something I’m really passionate about is creating. Whether that’s sewing, cross stitching, making vinyl stickers, or creating content on here and social media. I love starting with an idea and see it take shape and come to fruition.  

In my pre-RV life, I was a seamstress at the largest David’s Bridal. I always dreamed of creating a pegboard wall organizer to hold all my sewing and craft supplies, but we always lived in an apartment so we could never really customize anything to fit our needs. So, when we moved into our RV, I begged Philip to let me create a space to organize my supplies to my hearts content. It took a bit of convincing but I finally got him to agree after allowing him to also use it for a few of his frequently used tools. 

Before the Pegboard Wall

Before photo of toy hauler garage

There was so much unused space on our wall! We NEVER watched TV out here and the built in cabinet was so shallow that not much would fit in there. So, we decided to take the TV down, took out the cabinet and redid this entire space. 

Pegboards are an awesome RV Organization Idea!

I love pegboards because you can completely customize and configure them to fit your needs. You can arrange the pegs until you find the perfect layout. And it doesn’t just have to be used for craft supplies either. There are so many different applications a pegboard could be used for:

  •  Add one to the “basement”/outdoor storage to hold your tools
  • Put a small one in your kitchen or cabinet to hold pots/pans or cooking utensils
  • Could be used for kids toys/arts & craft supplies
  • Homeschool supplies
  • Jewelry 

The possibilities are endless!

Here’s How We Created Our Pegboard Wall Organizer

First, we started with some OSB (Oriented Strand Board) as a base. We cut it to size, painted it and screwed it in where there were studs in the wall. 

Man sawing a piece of wood
Our patio turned into a little workshop during our project.

Next we took 1×2’s and placed screwed them into the OSB where we knew we wouldn’t want to hang pegs. The 1×2’s are what holds the pegboard out from the wall so that you have a space to put in your hooks and accessories. 

Progress photo building the pegboard
OSB with 1×2’s screwed in.

Pegboards are made of a variety of different materials: wood, metal, plastic etc. We went with a brown wood one from Ace Hardware since we figured it’d be the easiest to cut to the size we needed. We painted it black and screwed it into the 1×2’s. 

Outdoor painting pegboard black
Painting the pegboard and 1×2’s

If you’re looking for something that involves a little less DIY, Ikea makes a pegboard in a few different sizes called SKÅDIS. There are a variety of accessories that can be used with it too!

Ikea pegboard organizer
Ikea SKÅDIS Pegboard

Once the pegboard is up, it’s time for the fun part- picking out the accessories and arranging your board! We got 2 sets of pegboard hook kits at Harbor Freight. You can find a similar one here. While you can buy buckets, shelves, and other accessories specifically for pegboards, I wanted to save some $ and decided to head to the dollar tree to see if they had anything that might work. I found some cute metal buckets in fun colors that ended up working perfectly! I’m in love with how it turned out. My craft room dreams have come true!

The Finished RV Storage Pegboard Wall

Thanks for reading! I hope this inspires you or sparks an idea for how you can organize your own space! It’s so important that these small spaces are functional and work for us. If you feel inspired to create your own pegboard storage/organization in your RV feel free to tag me on Instagram 😄 I enjoy seeing others’ projects come together. 

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  1. Megan!! This space is serious goals. I love that you saw an opportunity to improve the area and built it – you’re amazing!

  2. Megan, this is genius!!!! I love that the pegboard can be customized to fit any space!!!! I want to incorporate this!!😍

    1. Yes!! I love that there are so many ways you can arrange it too! If we ever need to add more we can arrange the pegs to make it work and we’re not stuck with something that might not fit our needs

  3. Seriously, this is GOLD! There are so many different ways you could use this pegboard storage in an RV. I cannot wait to try this out in our underneath storage area for all of our tools!

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