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15 RV Organization Solutions

If you own an RV, chances are you’ve struggled with storage space (or lack of storage space) and keeping things organized at some point or another. 

I’ve rounded up my favorite organization products and solutions to help you get your RV get organized and stay organized! 

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Make use of empty wall space with hooks and baskets

Oranges in mesh bag

A blank wall is just a canvas waiting to get used! Consider making use of unused vertical wall or cabinet space by using hooks to hang and organize things. You may be able to hang the item directly on the hook or you may want to consider getting mesh bags like the one pictured above to store things like fresh fruits and veggies. Command Hooks & Strips are my go to for hanging anything in the RV! Check out a few different ways I use them in our fifth wheel here. Alternatively, you could get a basket to hang on the wall to store things like produce, water bottles, and other kitchen items you’d like to have easily accessible. 

Compact Cutlery Tray

Cutlery organizer

Our RV kitchen does not have any shallow drawers. They’re all super deep, which is great, but also makes it a little more challenging when it comes to organizing things like silverware and cooking utensils.  Even if you don’t have this problem, you may have odd sized drawers which is where this awesome product comes in to save the day! This Compact Cutlery Tray from Joseph Joseph is great because the compartments are stacked saving you room in your drawer. The dimensions are: Dimensions: 15.6 x 4.33 x 2.25 inches and while this didn’t fit in our drawer length wise, we were able to put it in side ways and it still works great! If you have more cutlery than this will hold there is a slightly larger option as well. Check out this before & after of the drawer I organized using this!

Collapsible Items

set of collapsible bowls with lids

I may have gone a bit overboard and bought all the collapsible things I could find when we decided to start RVing! You may not need collapsible everything, but it really is a great way to save space and keep your cabinets organized. Most collapsible bowls will either stack neatly on top of each other or nest inside one another saving you some extra room in your cabinets. 

Storage Bins in Pantry

Clear storage bins

Whether you have a dedicated pantry in your RV kitchen, or use cabinets to store your food, using storage bins to help organize your pantry can make a big difference! Not only does using bins help keep things organized, but every time you travel and the RV is shaking like crazy these bins will help keep things in place. As someone who has had an entire bottle of hot sauce fall out and break when opening a cabinet after a long travel day, I can tell you cleaning up a mess like that is the last thing you want to be doing when you reach your destination. I bought a bunch of white bins from Ikea to organize our pantry (similar to the ones above), but I like the idea of clear bins so you can see exactly what’s in each one!

Airtight Pop Top Stackable Containers

Air tight containers filled with a variety of dry goods

Along similar lines to the storage bins I mentioned above, these air tight stackable containers are perfect for storing pantry staples. I love that they stack and they can even help save some room and keep things more organized by getting rid of bulky containers that food comes in. I store things like sugar, flour, coffee, pasta, rice, and homemade dog treats in mine. On top of the organization benefits these containers also help keep your food fresh with the air tight seal. Add some cute labels and you’ll be all set! 

Spice Rack

Spice rack pulled out of cabinet

Who likes bland food? Not me!! Give me all the flavor and spice! I absolutely love cooking so having a variety of spices with us on the road was important to me. We have a couple of open cabinets in our RV and this spice rack happened to fit perfectly. It’s awesome that it pulls out so I can find exactly what I’m looking for in those deep cabinets while keeping everything organized. You could even buy some cute jars and labels to have everything looking uniform. Bathroom cabinets might be another area this pull out rack would work wonders in!

Shampoo / Soap Dispenser


Let’s face it, most RV showers and bathrooms are pretty tiny! To keep things organized and extra bottles tucked away, I added this 3 chamber soap dispenser to the shower. It’s easy to install and even comes with adhesive to mount it with. We’ve been traveling with it in our RV for almost 2 years now and it has never fallen off in transit. To fill the dispenser you simply take off the top and squeeze your favorite soap, shampoo, or conditioner in!

Storage Cubes


The storage cube is one of those organization solutions that’s tried and true. I have been using these as far back as my college dorm room days and that’s because they work! They are super versatile, inexpensive, and come in a variety of colors and patterns to fit your style. These can be used in so many different ways in your RV: in the pantry, bathroom to store towels  and wash cloths, bedroom for t-shirts or under bed storage, and perfect for storing kids toys and supplies. 

Hanging Closet Organizer

Hanging Closet Organizer

Maybe your RV has a decent size closet but not many drawers. A hanging closet organizer is perfect for organizing things you might typically store in a drawer like shirts, underwear, and shorts. You could also use it to save room in your closet by folding things you might normally hang like jeans or sweaters. I’ve even used one of these to organize my shoes before. The possibilities for how you could use this are endless!

Vacuum Storage Bags

vacuum storage bags

To keep seasonal clothing like winter jackets and sweaters organized, we use vacuum storage bags and store these under our bed in the RV. We each have a bag or two and sucking out the air helps our clothing to take up less space all while keeping our space tidy. 

Folding Storage Ottoman

storage ottoman

Folding storage ottomans are a great addition to your RV organization arsenal. They can be used for storing a variety of different things and can be folded up when not being used. I love these because it not only gets used for storage but also doubles as a coffee table or foot rest! We initially stored extra blankets in ours. When we were reorganizing we decided to put our blankets elsewhere and now the storage ottomans are where we put all our shoes. 

Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Hanging jewelry organizer

I don’t own a ton of jewelry but what little I do have was getting tangled in the small overcrowded jewelry box I was storing it in. I absolutely love this hanging organizer because it can easily be stored in a closet and has separate dividers for each piece of jewelry! Since I had extra room, I used the extra pouches to organize hair supplies like bobbie pins, scrunchies, and headbands. 

Glove Box Holder

Glove box holder

RV travel sometimes means you have to deal with some dirty things (looking at you black tank). We always have a couple boxes of disposable gloves on us. To help keep the RV’s outside storage organized we got one of these magnetic glove box holders to keep our gloves in a convenient spot but also out of the way!

Easy Hang Velcro Straps

hanging organization velcro straps

One of our biggest RV organization problem areas has been our outdoor storage. Our pass through storage is pretty narrow and when we pack up to move to our next location we tend to just toss things in to speed up the process. Oops! Ever since we got these hanging velcro straps to keep our water hoses tangle free, we’ve made the effort to keep the space a little neater. We have a place we can hang and hook on the carabiner but if you don’t have a place use hanging organization, you can still keep your cords and hoses organized with a velcro cinch strap

Collapsible Storage Bins

Collapsible storage bins

If you couldn’t tell already, I love collapsible things! I have two of these Clever Made collapsible storage bins that I use in our RV bunk for organizing that area. They’re also super convenient for things like bringing groceries in or putting delicate items in on travel days for safe keeping. Such a versatile organization and storage solution and folds flat if you’re not using it!

I hope this helps you organize your RV so that it’s an enjoyable space to live and travel in! Every thing needs to have its place, especially in small spaces. If you have more organization ideas, be sure to let me know! I always enjoy hearing your clever ideas and organization hacks. 

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  1. Some very creative ideas on this list Megan! In love with those Velcro straps! We had some similar ones on the boat and definitely brought them with us, so handy for outdoor storage 🙂

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